The photography of RaMell Ross

by admin on April 13, 2011

My cousins are working on a project to help people near my area of Alabama. There’s a nice video you can watch here or donate. The photography of RaMell Ross


Wearing Lids Like 50 Cent: Ain’t that Cute

Daily Daze

I should have written this along time ago due to excessive exposure to many different people wearing their hats in the sassy sideways style or other fashion, too cool or the usual 360 or 180 degrees most humans stick to. Hmmm…now why do we where hats like we do? Well because hats are actually there [...]

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Mac Privacy: A False Sense Of Security

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I found myself utterly astonished last night upon discovering the weakness of my macintosh’s security system. The problem started a couple of days ago when safari managed to crash my mac entirely. I tried resetting the ‘PRAM’ and ‘Safe Mode’ but I couldn’t login. Rather I could login but the screen would go blue and [...]

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The Orange Deer Hat

Daily Daze

This daze occurred when I made the unfortunate discovery that I had lost my beloved orange deer hunting hat. I had careless left it on the deck of my small 17 foot Carolina Skiff . I realized this shortly after motoring down the sound for about an hour, en route to the gulf of Mexico. [...]

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According to Plan

Daily Daze
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I went to see the film The Adjustment Bureau. The plot was shockingly similar to an idea or theory I have been formulating, We must choose between pursuing our most beloved skills or pursuing the one person we love in a romantic sense. Is it possible two have both or are they exclusive? I found the [...]

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Belligerent Beats
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This is by far my best unknown find of the month. If you don’t like electro style music this isn’t for you but if you unique rave jams with plenty going on done by a professional, then this is most definitely right down your alley. Try BetatraXx Listen to the Rhythm and looking dumb as [...]

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In this episode Plan B, Barack Obama, NAHL, Trade deadline, New England Jr. Beauties, Playoff hockey, The EJ, Construction, College, and various beauties. The discussion all of these topics critical to national beauty using Rapidfire™ commentary for the first time in recent Jr beauty history. This is simply one small step for beauty yet a [...]

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European Medium

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Shayne Toohey a.k.a “shayneshow” and his pal have a nice film series going updating the world at large of their glorious yet shockingly unknown lives as first-class hockey chiefs. In Alabama we may only care about football but hockey can be equally respected as it includes 1. Hitting 2. Speed 3. Beauty…it may lack the [...]

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Split Second “Daydream”

Chill & ill trances
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I just got incontact with a band known as split second whom performed at my school awhile back. Some of you back home probably heard me playing their earlier jams such as sundress and the innocence remix. This new track is really quite nice. Daydream

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